Building on sense of place

  • Services:
    Wayfinding Design & Implementation, Grunt Work
  • Client:
    Willowell Foundation

Salvaged materials, on-site lumber, antique doors and a healthy dose of oddity all add up to something we like to call the Doorway to Knowledge.

The wayfinding we created for Walden Project celebrates the man and nature theme of the alternative outdoor public high school program. We designed in a couple of rites of passage so that each graduating class can leave their mark at the woodland classroom entry.

The doorway has a time capsule (inside a beam that was electrical substation scrap) and the photo gallery in the foyer will grow each year as students plant their class pic among the cedars. Special thanks to Willowell Foundation staff for lumber-jacking. And to fabricator Sign Language for going the extra mile (through the mud) and for letting us pitch in on construction.

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