• Client:
    Vermont Department of Health WIC

Women Infants Children creating healthy lifestyles and strong families by providing food, education and personalized support to help moms be the mom they want to be. The Image Farm has created and implemented several successful public health campaigns for WIC.

We empowered moms to reach their breastfeeding goals with a multi-platform campaign designed to reach a diversity of women and families with very different attitudes toward breastfeeding, including teens and immigrants. Materials were developed for WIC visits, doctor’s offices, hospitals. Parallel campaigns were focused on health care providers and hospitals to increase understanding, dispel myths and improve quality of care. Evaluation revealed exceptionally positive response and VT Department of Health received a USDA Performance Bonus for maintaining one of the highest WIC breastfeeding rates – well above the national average.

We also assisted WIC in a seismic shift in how Vermont delivers amily food benefits. A statewide conversion to electronics benefit transfer was an extraordinary change for families, staff, administration and grocers alike. With narration, drawing and fun props we explained receiving a widely expanded diversity of healthy foods distributed in an entirely new way. Other materials explained how to activate and protect the card, and fostered learning at orientation events. Since the conversion to EBT we have continued to improve the WIC Foods Guide to be even more pictorial, more easily integrated into the WIC Shopper app, and highly adaptable to translations into numerous languages. To round out the suite our team produced a series of short, mobile-friendly, how to videos about shopping with the WIC.

In a sense, WIC is open source. Several of our designs – from the comic to standees to videos – have been noticed by other WIC programs across the country and adapted to their own local uses and languages.

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