This is my UVM Hillel

The Jewish college experience at UVM is a rich one; filled with leadership opportunities, travel experiences, service and social justice activities in the community, Jewish traditions and sustainable living. The diversity of programming has led to a general lack of understanding (or misperception?) of what Hillel is.

The nature of the organization as a whole is also changing – it is not your grandmother’s Hillel of 60 years ago. These factors lead many people to now ask the question What is UVM Hillel? Our video addressed that question directly, with lightness, humor and inspiring visuals.

” It is so great!!!!! I love it. Thanks so much!!
Deborah Lichtenfeld, Director of Development, UVM Hillel, University of Vermont Foundation

” This looks really amazing!!!!!!!!! WOW! I really love how it came together and it flows really well. … I love the uplifting feel to it.”
Matt Vogel, Executive Director, UVM Hillel

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