Bottling a legendary elixir

  • Services:
    Branding, Packaging, Print, Infographics, Vehicle graphics
  • Client:
    Aqua Vitea

Aqua Vitea was the first to offer fresh kombucha on tap, they invented probiotic premium iced tea and they’re committed to microbrewing and sustainable sourcing. All that plus illustration talent on their side of the table – it’s a pretty sweet team.

Working collaboratively with Aqua Vitea, including brewmaster/artist Michael Kin, we’ve created distinctive packaging and point-of-purchase designs to position these guys well among other beverage producers. Logo design, web design, promo items, print materials, cheeky infographics, T-shirts, signs and vehicle graphics have all been in the mix. And Mike’s art is vital to every piece.

What the heck is kombucha? It’s a fascinating and mysterious drink made simply from tea, sugar, water and culture. It’s full of probiotics, antioxidants and live enzymes and has been revered for centuries for those life enhancing qualities.

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