Visualizing city park planning

  • Services:
    Graphic Facilitation, Illustration
  • Client:
    Burlington City Arts

During community planning workshops we captured the collective brilliance that comes from an invested group of people. Our graphic recordings then helped inform the redesign of Burlington, Vermont’s preeminent multi-use green space.

The results of the Imagine City Hall Park project will be a visionary 30-year master plan for the Park. Community engagement was critical and we provided graphic facilitation to gather and record it. Then we refined the results in our studio to develop a series of murals. Graphic facilitation uses large scale live drawing and text to lead people toward a goal. It’s a method that unleashes massive team spirit and creativity. It can be used in places like meetings, seminars and conferences.

Project partner: The Grayson Group; Video edited the Grayson Group, original footage by Justin Gural. Read a testimonial from Sara Katz, BCA’s Assistant Director.

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