University library wayfinding system

  • Services:
    Wayfinding Design & Implementation
  • Client:
    University of Vermont Libraries

People get lost. They get really lost among stacks of books. Not so anymore in the libraries at the University of Vermont. We created a color-coded, symbol-rich, flexible sign system for critical resources that are far from static.

User experience at Bailey/Howe Library at the University of Vermont (UVM) was significantly hampered. The wayfinding system needed to address evolving sign needs, a recent rebranding and be code compliant. The 1960s 4-story 171,000 sq. ft. building had not seen wayfinding updates since the 1980s. The hand-scrawled clutter was immense, compounded by a complete void of orientation and slipping compliance. All this while serving up to 8,000 students each day, from across the U.S. and more than 30 countries, plus the general public.

We worked closely with administration and physical plant and utilized a student survey to create a comprehensive, changeable, architecturally-sensitive system with solid graphic standards. Components included kiosks with 3-D floor plans and a digital display, directories, directionals, ID signs, gallery/exhibit signs and modules for temporary and equipment signs. Read a testimonial from Selene, the Assistant to the Dean of Libraries. Project partner: H. Glaeser Signs

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